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Rolling Hollow

150mmX200mmX12m RHS Hollow Radius 10000

Rolling Flat Bar

 We can roll flat bar the easy way and the hard way to be used as steel flanges, steel collars and metal strengtheners. We specialize in rolling all structural shapes including angle rolling, channel rolling, beam rolling, pipe rolling as well as square and rectangular tube rolling.

Rolling GI Plate

Our full service department can handle all of your fabrication needs and any structural steel rolling needs that need to be met to get your job done. All custom made sizes are welcome for consultation.

Rolling Plate

This is 15''mm diameter plate rolling with 3,600 id. We specialize in rolling plate using many different material types such as aluminum plate rolling, titanium plate rolling, bronze plate rolling, brass plate rolling as well as stainless steel plate rolling and mild steel plate rolling. Contact us for more information about how we can help you with your plate rolling needs.

Pipe Rolling

1'' sch10 s/s pipe

M/S Plate Rolling

6mm@300 I/D
6mm@400 I/D

M/S Plate Bending

I Beam Rolling

 We can roll beam, channel, angle and rectangular tube both the easy-way and the hard-way. we specialize in rolling and bending of structural shapes, such as beam rolling on edge, channel rolling on edge, and angle iron rolling on edge.

Rolling T Bar

 150mmX150mmX8mmX12m Radius 6000

Rolling Pipe

We are specialize in rolling round tube and pipe in many different material types, such as aluminum tube rolling, stainless steel tube rolling, brass tube rolling, copper tube rolling, and plain steel tube rolling and bending.
Call us for more information about our tube and pipe rolling capabilities.
168mm sch40 6m Pipe

Rolling Cone

12mm Two Layer plate 6mm Stainless Steel and 6mm Mild Steel

Rolling cone 12mmX1200mmX2400mmX1800(H)

Rolling C Channel

We specialize in rolling structural steel shapes like channel, beam, tube and many others to all types of curves. Contact us with a description of what you are looking for to find out more about our capabilities and how we can help on your next rolling project.
100mmX50mmX6m C Channel

Rail Rolling

Plate Bending

Our full service metal fabrication department can handle all of your fabrication needs and our rolling department can take care of any structural steel rolling needs that need to be met to get your job done.
4mm Mild Steel Plate

CNC Plasma Cutting

We provide all kind of plasma cutting services such as :
  • CNC Oxy Cutting
  • CNC Plasma Cutting etc.

Angle Rolling

This is 75'' x 75'' x 8mm angle rolled leg-in. We can roll angle iron the easy-way, as well as the hard-way. Angle iron rolling is just one of our specialties. We also specialize in rolling other structural shapes, such as beam rolling, channel rolling, square tube rolling and rectangular tube rolling.

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